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About Bramber Trailers

Bramber Trailers was established before the war and have always been at the forefront of trailer manufacturing and design.

During this time Bramber Trailers has continued to build trailers across the whole spectrum of boat ownership, catering for clients with boats from the smallest dinghy to the armed forces & utilities.

With the increase of boat ownership over the last few years our business has gone from strength to strength.

With the continual evolution in boat design, requiring alternative transportation systems, Bramber knows that we have to keep abreast of these changes; which is why we have our own research & development section where we continually strive to be at the forefront of technological advancement in trailer design, use of materials, effectiveness, ease & safety, while keeping costs for our customers below those of our competitors.

In the last two years Bramber has attained a great standard in quality assurance and in recognition of this has been awarded with ISO9001 accreditation. This means that Bramber always works to the highest of standards which our customers trust!

You will also be able to find the correct trailer to suit your needs by using our new easy-to-use 'trailer picker', as well as place your spares orders with us that will be delivered straight to your door.

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