The Build Process

The steel is brought in and cut to the correct size using AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings. After the cutting process the constituent elements go to the welding shop, where the raw steel begins to take shape. To aid adhesion to our strict design guidelines & our stringent demands for the highest quality; our welders also work from the same AutoCAD drawings, as this is the most crucial part of the process.

Once built up on a jig, the complete trailer metalwork is then sent away for galvanizing. First it is dipped into a tank of acid to clean & etch the steel; this ensures that the steel is 100% clean & prepared for the galvanizing process. Next it the clean trailer is hot dipped into a tank for the steel to be fully galvanized. Finally, to complete the steel treatment process, the trailer metalwork goes through a steady 5 hour cooling process to ensure the best finish & highest standard of galvanizing.

The completely galvanized trailers then return to us, ready to be fitted out. The job would then be entered into the build plan & scheduled for completion; which is all part of our ISO9001 quality standard. Another element required to attain ISO9001 is the provision of a 'Job Bag' which detail our highly skilled staff what type of boat you have and the trailer you require.

The trailer enters the workshop to be prepared for fitting out & finishing. This involves filing off any edges remaining from the galvanising process, applying decals and drilling & tapping where necessary. At this stage, the trailer is ready for the running gear to be attached, the brakes to be in-built & the flushing system to be implemented. The final part is the addition of all the sub assembles such as the rollers & winch post.

Once the trailer is completely built it then goes through a very rigorous PDI (pre deliver inspection) to ensure that all our quality standards have been met. This consists of wheel torque checks, assertion of correct tyre pressure, clearance checks and ensuring that all other parts are up to the highest standards possible. The PDI sheet is then included in your owners' manual which you will be requires completing with your details

After all this is completed you trailer is ready to roll.
Enjoy carrying your boat!

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